Psychic Services

Knowing the truth is a double edged sword, it can be wonderful at times, but some things are painful to know. I have experienced and overcome a great deal of heartache and pain throughout my life. This gives me a deep sense of caring empathy and a unique approach to doing my readings. My passion is to heal and guide through my intuitive arts. I specialize in helping broken hearted individuals who are looking to start on a new path.

During a reading, I am able to both see into the past, present and future, as well as communicate with loved ones on the other side. This may include relatives who have passed over and spirit guides. After leaving a session, most of my clients report feeling uplifted, refreshed and ready to face the wonderful growth that lies ahead of them.

Mediumship Services

A clairvoyant medium is someone who intuitively sees information from the other side in order to act as a communications bridge. A medium is able to receive and communicate information from loved ones who have passed over. As a clairvoyant medium, I see beings who have moved on, and I can assist in connecting with and communicating messages between the spirit world and ours.

My medium-ship skills allow me to connect with your loved ones. When they are present I see them almost clearly. Communicating with loved ones can provide a comforting sense of closure, it is wonderful to know that your beloved still exist and still care about you. Sometimes they have important messages that they want to express to guide you away from trouble.

My belief in God compels me to use my medium-ship sessions for the express purpose of healing, love, and guidance.



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